46′ Willys L-134 Turbo project.

Keep In mind things may change as the project goes on. But below is what I have gathered from a lot of researching and planning. I still do not have everything planned out at this point. Surprises and redesigns will come up as they usually do with a project like this.

The plan is to start simple and get the Turbo mounted and working on the engine. I want to make sure everything is correct before doing all of the work for a intercooler. Until I install an intercooler The boost pressures will be vary little. Once all the kinks are worked out, an intercooler will be installed allowing for more boost. When adding a turbo to a non turbo engine you need to increase fuel for the extra air that is being forced into the intake.

When I rebuilt my engine last winter I adapted from a one barrel carb to a Two barrel carb by machining up a billet Alum adapter mount. This gives my engine that extra fuel that will be needed for the Turbo’s air / fuel mixture.

Choosing the Size Turbo was a research project in itself.  I do not plan on running the engine at high RPM’s. A smaller turbo is my choice as it will take the least amount of time to spool up. This will hopefully will give me more of a low end difference in power which is what I’m looking for because of being on the trail most often.

The exhaust now needs to be as “free” flowing as possible so there is not back pressure back through the Turbine. Typically Vehicles need a little bit a back pressure for the engine to be tuned (or running) currently when naturally aspirated.

Listed are a few Main parts to this project.

  • VW Passat 1.8T Turbo 68K miles on it.
  • Weber 2 barrel Carb
  • 1.5” tubing for exhaust-Turbo mount. With 3/8”flanges
  • 3/8”exaust flange, Exhaust from turbo (down Pipe) 2.5” pipe
  • Turbo to Carb. 2” pipe.
  • Cone intake filter
  • Oil line to Turbo
  • Oil return Line
  • Coolant Lines to and from Turbo

Project “Turbo” will be a lot more than a simple weekend project so please stay Tuned for more updates and pictures of the progress!   As always feel free to check out the forum if you have questions or comments!


46′ Willys L-134 Turbo project. — 2 Comments

  1. Sounds like it will be a pretty cool setup. I have a 48′ cj2a that I building it’ll be mostly stock but I’ve been toying with the same idea as you. I’ll probably set it up as a draw through system without an intercooler. I seen a YouTube video of an f-head that way. It seems much easier. I can’t wait to see how your setup works. As you know this doesn’t seem to be a very popular project.

    • I’m pretty sure I have seen that Video also. After a good bit of research myself I have also decided the best route is the draw through design. You can not get as much power that way however with this engine, I think it will be the best way to go for simplicity. That being said I will no longer being doing a intercooler. You do not want to do intercooler with a draw through turbo design,or a blow off valve.

      Where are you located? Not too many cj2a’s around here (717 area)

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