46 Willys Roll Cage

After the recent addition of a “Lincoln Locker” to the 46 Willy’s Craig made the call to add a little more rollover protection.  Previously, the Willy’s was sporting a roll bar sourced and customized from a CJ7.  The bar was mounted in four points behind the occupants.  Craig’s goal was to add two additional points in front of the occupants and tie it all together for strength.

Craig hit up  http://extremecustomparts.com for a front hoop of the appropriate dimensions.  He then wasted no time getting the kit assembled and mounted but took care in doing so.  “The plan here was to bolt everything together so if I need to take it out for some reason I could.” Craig explained.

Craig started by preparing the feet of the cage.  These included mounting holes that will match frame attached brackets.  The two will then sandwich the sheet metal of the floor giving the cage a full frame tie in as opposed to a sheet metal only attachment.  He made it clear strength and safety were not uncompromisable goals of this project.

After verifying measurements at least five times it was time to Cut and weld.  Craig tacked everything in place and made a test fit in the Jeep.

To complete the cage he then took the measurements between the two hoop sections and cut the appropriate lengths of straight tubing.  With the tubing sections cut Craig verified the fit and burned the sections into place.  After the welds had cooled he removed the cage to prep and paint before reinstalling for good.  The result turned out very nicely.  The cage is mounted close to the body taking away very little room from the occupants while not compromising on design.

If you have any questions for Craig about the install be sure to head on over to the forum and ask away!

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